Privacy Policy

Crisp does not share, store, or collect your personal data. We do not sell any app data including folders, templates, or emails to third parties. This means:

We do not require full access for use of our keyboard, which means we do not track your keystrokes or monitor any emails you are sending.

We will use your email address, if you provide it, but only for marketing emails. You are welcome to unsubscribe any time for any reason.

We use Core Data and iCloud to manage data storage and syncing behind the scenes and all app data is stored directly with Apple and can only be accessed through the Crisp iOS application.

We use Google Analytics to track high level aggregated data regarding traffic and page views only to better the Crisp experience as a whole. None of this information is personally identifiable.

This policy may change periodically and updates will be reflected on this page. Please contact if you have any questions regarding this privacy policy.